Kayne Jones:

Name: Kayne Jones
Alignment: Unprincipled (Good / Selfish)
Hit Points: 32 S.D.C.: 24
Attributes: IQ 13 ME 13 MA 13 PS 14 PP 20 PE 23 PB 15 SPD 15
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.72 Meters) Weight: 134 lbs (60.8 kg)
Age: 23 Race: Human Sex: female P.P.E.: 12
Disposition: Kind of wild and talkative but still gives a feeling of competence. She loves her father very strongly. Not resentful of her fathers overprotective qualities but often jokes about them. She does consider herself tough and capable of protecting herself
O.C.C.: Spacer Experience Level: Second (2)
Combat Skill: Hand to Hand; Basic
Attacks per Melee: Four (4)
Bonuses, Combat:
+3 to Strike, +6 to Parry, +6 to Dodge, +0 damage, +4 to Roll with punch, fall, or impact, +0 to Initiative, Critical of Nat 20
Bonus; Save: Lethal Poison +4, Non-Lethal Poison +4, Harmful Drugs +4, Psionics +0, Magic +4, Horror Factor +0
Cybernetics: Universal Head jack & Ear Implant Only
Background Skills: Pilot Starfighter 58% Mathematics - Basic 65%, Computer Operation 55%, Language Trade 4: 98%, Literacy: Trade 4: 98%
O.C.C. Skills: Radio; Basic 65%, Electrical Engineer 45%, Mechanical Engineer 40%, Starship Mechanics 37%, First Aid 60%, Hand to Hand: Basic (Second Level), Movement: Zero Gravity 118%, EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) 55%, Pilot: Small Starship 78%, Pilot: Starship 55%, Read Sensory Instruments 45%, WP: Energy Pistol (+3 aimed / +1 burst) WP: Knife (+1 Throw/+1 Parry/+1 Strike)
O.C.C. Related Skills: Laser Communications 45%, Dance (Professional) 50%, Sing (Professional) 55%, Navigation: Space 50%, Weapon Systems 50%, Lore: Galactic 30%
Secondary Skills: Cook 40%, Acrobatics (Varies), Athletics (General), Starfighter Combat Elite (Osprey), Starfighter Combat Basic, Seduction 23%, Streetwise 24%, Lore: CCW 35%
Appearance: She looks by our standards to be about eighteen years old but much of that is due to the fact that she has been on anti-aging treatment since she was young. She is thin with a decent but scant figure. Her hair is straight brown along with brown eyes.
Weapons of Note: NE-4 Plasma Cartridge Pistol (1D4x10, 10 shots, 500 feet), 1 Vibro-Dagger (1D6)
Armor of Note: Skin Suit (12 M.D.C.), Light Combat Armor (80 M.D.C.)
Other Equipment: Normal equipment for profession
Valuables: Funds of 225,000 Credits shared with her father. They have about 1.5 million credits invested.


In most ways, Kayne is the very image of a spacer brat. Her mother died soon after she was born and the only profession her father could do was that of a spacer. He may have been a Hero in his time but by now, he was just a recovering alcoholic. Her father refused to leave her on a planet, so she grew up as a spacer. Most of the skills she picked up, she picked up from either her father or other people on the ships. When she grew to be an adult, she decided she wanted to be an entertainer so she took classes in sing and dance. Eventually, this life lost it appeal to her and she went back to being a spacer. Since then, she has worked side by side with her father and recently joined with him in investing in a fledgling company.

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